Childbirth Classes

In light of the changes that the Covid Pandemic has brought, we now offer both private, In- Home Classes and ZOOM classes scheduled for a time that suits you best. Contact us today to learn more! 

We offer a variety of options to meet and support our clients right where they are at. We offer private and in-home 

classes that are personalized and unique, just like your needs. We remain flexible to meet your schedules and support

you in the best way possible. Please contact us here to register for your private and personal Childbirth classes.

Because we value education and support for not only our clients but for anyone seeking sound Childbirth Education Options, we offer a 10% total discount with 2 or more reserved classes. Please reach out on our Contact Page for more information.


Your Birth Essentials Class

A comprehensive class for those looking for a positive and personalized learning environment, that focuses on the processes related to late pregnancy, labor, comfort measures, pain management, delivery and the immediate postpartum period. This class is detailed, and tailored for your needs with focus in the areas that you

prefer to dive a little deeper on. This class is in addition to any other services purchased with Maryland Birth Services.    

 Fee:  $265 per 2 persons Virtual

   or   $315 Private/In Person

Included in this class:

  • Your choice of One -5 hour class or Two- 2.5 hour (approximately) learning sessions, to discuss processes related to the end of your pregnancy and what you can expect. It explores the phases and stages of labor, options for pain management, information about your specific place of delivery and what you can expect with their staff and support, delivery options, and information, support for your immediate post partum needs and so much more.

  • A workbook for you to keep and use for future information

  • This class includes information for your support partner and encourages their attendance

  • Email and text support for questions and concerns related to any Childbirth Education Information 

Birth Refresher Class

A unique class that specializes in preparing for possible hospital changes due to the COVID adjustments. This class is a combination of the Birth Essentials and our Comfort in Birth class- with some additional tips and guidance included. This class is NOT designed to replace your other birth classes, but refresh your knowledge of the essentials and to help you prepare with the "what, when, and why" techniques relating to comfort measures, positions, movements, and more.  We recommend taking this class around 38 weeks gestation. Currently this class is only offered via Zoom and is in included FREE for all of our current clients.                                                                    

 Fee : $135 for approx. 2 hours 

  Virtual only. Free for our clients! 


"Comfort in Birth"  - Comfort Measures Class

Designed for learning and "coaching", Our Comfort Measure class contains information such as Relaxation techniques, Creating a positive and peaceful environment, Breathing techniques, Comfort Massage and Pressure Points, and Positions that help encourage labor as it transitions through all stages of birth.    

Included in this option:

  • One 2.5 hour class. (Times approximate)

  • Information sheets and/or PDFs related information to keep for future use and practice

  • Email and phone support for any questions or concerns related to your Comfort Measures class

Fee: $105 per 2 persons Virtual

  or   $135 Private/In-Person 

Newborn Care Class

A comprehensive and hands on class to learn all you need to know to care for your newborn. Learn what the "4th Trimester" is all about, postpartum recovery for Mom, what to expect in the first few hours after birth, caring for your
baby in the first days and weeks at home. We'll discuss and practice swaddling, diapering, feeding options, burping,  bathing, soothing techniques and so much more!                                                                       

   Fee: $105 per 2 persons Virtual

    or    $135 Private/In-Person 

Class includes:

  • 2.5 hours of learning and practice if requested. (Times approximate)

  • Resources, Information sheets and/or PDFs can be sent via email for future use and practice

  • Email and phone support for any questions or concerns related to your Newborn Care class

Preparing for your VBAC 

An detailed class explaining what a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) entails. This class includes information on

what makes a person a “candidate”, how to choose a VBAC-friendly provider, the differences between a VBAC and a TOLAC, resources for a successful VBAC, why having a doula is essential for your VBAC, comfort and support tips for a successful VBAC.  Information booklet included.                                                            

Class includes:

  • 2 hours of hands on practice and learning. (Times approximate)

  • Class booklet, Information sheets and/or PDFs related information to keep for future use and practice

  • Email and phone support for any questions or concerns related to your VBAC information class

   Fee: $105 per 2 persons Virtual

    or    $135 Private/In-Person 

Relaxation Techniques for Birth

Essential, simple and easy “mindfulness” techniques! What if you could lessen your pregnancy/childbirth anxiety? What if you could build up your confidence, and learn easy coping techniques?

Basic mindfulness breathing techniques and visualizations • Create a safe place • Easy self-sufficient coping tools using mindfulness and stress management techniques •This class is for the pregnant person only.

Class includes:

  • Approximately 90 minutes 

  • Essential, simple and easy “mindfulness” techniques!

  • Click HERE for more info

Fee: $65 per session 

Self Hypnosis for Childbirth

A series designed to learn self-hypnosis tools to tap into the cellular wisdom of your body, relax profoundly, release pain, and feel confident for your baby’s birth •  Easier than the Hypnobirthing method!

You will learn: How hypnosis works • Self-hypnosis • Identify your safe place, comfort color, positive affirmation, remove negativity, progressive relaxation, etc • Learn out to numb the pain through directed anesthesia and other techniques • guided imagery for the most empowering birth possible • The instructor is not an hypnotherapist but she is certified with Mind+Body Birth. This series is designed for the pregnant person only (partner is encouraged to join the last session)

Class includes:

  • 4 sessions of 60/90 mins (times approximate)

  • All needed materials will be provided

  • Click HERE for more info

Fee: $270 per person

Birth Plan Assistance only

A great option for families looking for support in building a custom birth plan, based on your unique goals and desires 
and with our experience and knowledge of your birth options and your place of birth.      

Included in this service:

  • One 90-minute planning session at your place of choice, to discuss personal comfort measures, recommendations based on your place of birth; labor, delivery and immediate post partum needs and preferences for your newborn 

  • Use of our extensive template and examples 

  • One 30 minute phone or video call to finalize all birth plan points

  • One pdf of your custom birth plan

Fee: $140 per 2 persons

         Virtual only.

"Becky gave us a four-hour private lesson on pre-natal comfort measures, focused on techniques to use during labor and delivery. We found her to be incredibly well-organized, and her pacing to be perfect for our needs. She brought over a variety of tools (e.g., birthing ball, rebozo) and both demonstrated and coached us in a variety of ways to use each, exactly as we would in labor. She taught my partner how to give massages in locations and using techniques that fit my preferences and needs. Even in that relatively short amount of time, she wanted to know what we cared about, so that she could be most useful to us, and she customized many aspects of the lesson to our questions/concerns. She was also excellent at helping me to both determine which aspects of the delivery/postpartum process are most important to me, and strategize how/when to advocate for my needs when the time comes. Thank you so much for an outstanding training!"-  J.S

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