What is a Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who offers support to families.

Doulas bring experience, compassion, knowledge, evidence-based and up- to- date training and research, and a listening ear. A Doula is a non-medical, trained and experienced professional who offers support as you need it, how you need it.


For Prenatal, Fertility and Birth support, a doula is prepared to help you find answers to your questions, bring guidance to your birth plan/goals. Doulas provide assistance with positions, techniques, and comfort measures. Doulas help you know your options with your place of birth and your providers. Doulas provide personalized care before, during and after your birth through in-person and over the phone/email/text support. One of our favorite resources to use here at Maryland Birth Services, LLC is Evidence Based Birth and HERE is a fantastic and informative link on the benefits of a Doula, the support that you can receive and expect and the benefits of having professional support.

Postpartum and Infant Care Support includes a Doula who is specialized and trained in the newest and up-to-date Infant Guidelines, who comes prepared to help you find answers to your questions and who brings calm and peace to a sometimes-busy, new journey. Your Doula will come to your home ready to offer comfort options to Mom and Baby, help with care techniques such as swaddling, bathing, and soothing, offer Breastfeeding support and help the new parents get rest and establish healthy sleep techniques

Whether you need Prenatal, Fertility, Birth or Postpartum support, Doulas are prepared and ready to listen, support and offer information for your unique needs.


Other Resources: 

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    Evidence Based Birth: Using​ A Doula for Pain Relief

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