TENS Unit Rental for Labor

Our clients can receive a FREE TENS rental with their birth package! Can also be rented separately!

What is a TENS? 

- It is mild electrical impulses that are transmitted through the skin, where they stimulate nerve fibers

- The depth of penetration is the same as for an acupuncture needle

- TENS is a NON-pharmaceutical support that when used as labor begins can decrease pain and discomfort as labor progresses 

- TENS is safe and effective tool to use during labor whether you are planning an unmedicated birth OR birth with an epidural 

Additional Info about TENS:

- Laboring client has full control over the TENS unit- which is a small hand-held device that can be carried or worn around neck with attached lanyard

- Laboring client is able to move freely and go about normal routines with the comfort and effectiveness of the TENS unit 

- Laboring client may have a need to defer pain management medication in entirety or delay receiving pain medications

- Using a TENS unit does not impair your mental or cognitive function; it uses the Gate Control Theory of Pain (brings non-painful stimuli which overrides the discomfort of  contraction) and also stimulates the production of Endorphins helping the body create its own pain-relieving hormones

When is a TENS unit not advised:

- Do not use a TENS before 38 weeks of pregnancy, as it can possibly increase risk for early labor

- Do not use a TENS unit or stimulating pads on broken or inflamed skin

- Do not use if you have a Pacemaker

- Do not use if you have a seizure disorder

- Do not use when in any type of water. Pads must be removed and can be replaced once you are dry

Please send us a message on our CONTACT page to ask us some questions or to reserve your unit for your upcoming labor. 

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