Post Partum and Infant Care Support

Often, this time post partum time is called the "Fourth Trimester", as it’s the thought that the first 3 months of life are very much an extension of life in the womb for your baby . Throughout history, there is a great deal of evidence showing that support received in the post partum period eases stress, comforts parents and offers them rest, encouragement and a listening ear. Having a post partum doula can greatly help families as they adjust to life with a newborn.


Maryland Birth Services is happy to support our clients in their post partum needs and infant care needs. These services will be unique to you and your needs. We can meet you when you arrive home from the hospital, or we can support you in day time transition, or help develop night time sleep routines. How we support you, is entirely up to YOU! Contact us today to discuss what a Post Partum can do to help you ease into Parenthood! 


  • Extended Breastfeeding support

  • Newborn Care: swaddling, baby wearing, bathing, dressing,
    bottle care, etc.

  • Emotional support

  • Post Partum and personal care for Mom

  • Organizing the Nursery

  • Soothing and Comfort Strategies; Sleep recommendations

  • Light food prep and/or housekeeping

  • ..... and more! 

Post Partum and Infant Care services can include:  

Daytime rate: $33/hr.     Night time rate: $36/hr

"We had such an amazing experience with Becky. She allowed me to transition to a family of four without completely losing my mind. I don't have family around, and my husband had to go back to work rather soon after our second son was born. She came in and helped us get back on our feet! It was so amazing to have someone who knew what they were doing, who was fully supportive and unbelievably helpful, to be here and allow me to do the little things ... like shower and nap! Best money spent and well worth it! I will recommend Becky (and have) to all my pregnant friends. Thanks so much Becky!"    -Chelsea 

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