Client Testimonies

"As the male partner in the birth process, I can say that working with Becky was a truly engrossing and enriching experience. She helped me be the best sidekick I could be by empowering us with all of the information we needed. I was most impressed with how available she was not just during labor but in all of the months leading up to it. When we had a question, she was there. When we needed some guidance or reassurance, she was there. The journey that we went on for our first child was an amazing experience and it was so helpful having her help us through!"  - M.A.

- E.V. 

"Becky is fantastic. She is extremely responsive from beginning to end and it was really a pleasure having her present during my delivery. From the time that I signed the contract until a few weeks after my son was born, she was available with calm and sound advice. It was so nice having someone so knowledgeable in the room for my first delivery (especially because it was a busy day at the hospital and staff were scarce) and it made me feel more confident. I highly recommend her!"  -G.A.

"I used Becky as my doula in Aug 2019, and it was the best decision I could have made for delivery. We met with Becky twice before delivery to go over my preferences for the birth. During my daughter's birthing time, Becky was accessible and came to the hospital as soon as we needed her. I used the Hypnobabies program leading up to and throughout my daughter's birth, and Becky was extremely understanding of this method and helped make sure I was comfortable throughout. After the birth, Becky stayed with me while my husband went with out daughter, and only left once we were comfortable and ready for her to go. After delivery, I met with Becky again for a post partum visit to make sure everything was going well. I can't recommend using Becky as a doula enough. She was easy to get along with, really made sure she understood our wants/needs, and was ready to assist as soon as we needed her. Completely worth the expense and we will definitely use her again if we have #2!I could not imagine not having Becky with us through the most challenging yet rewarding experience of our lives - she was a rockstar beyond measure! If you are considering a doula, I promise you, Becky is the ONE to have!"  - J.S.

"Becky was amazing to work with. From the first phone conversation, she made us feel very comfortable and informed. She provided helpful tips and thoughts before and after our delivery. If she didn't have an answer right away, she would make sure we got an answer shortly thereafter.

During labor she helped by applying counterpressure, which got me through my contractions, and suggested helpful positions. I felt very calm and was able to keep my head in the right place as a result. She even took pictures and captured a lot of our initial moments as a family. 

Postpartum she checked on us to see how we were doing, how breastfeeding was going, and was always able to provide encouraging thoughts and information. She was the support our family needed throughout our birth experience." K.S.

- J.D.

"Becky was amazing!!!! BEST decision I made while planning for birth was to hire her. She was positive and very chill, exactly what a new mother needs!" - C.M.

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