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Client Testimonies

"I moved to the area when I was seven months pregnant. My husband's job requires him to travel frequently and I was concerned that I wouldn't have the support I needed during birth. I had an emergency c section with my firstborn and was especially concerned about having a vbac. Becky was so reassuring and supportive throughout the entire process. She arrived at the hospital when we asked her to and stayed with us throughout the birth and after (she even left to pick up food for us after). My husband appreciated having someone he could look to for support and ask questions while I was in labor. My husband was a wonderful coach and I appreciated Becky allowing him to take the lead. She was like a shadow at times and when she could step in and assist with pain management she did. It was so easy and peaceful and natural. In the end I had a natural and unmedicated birth, exactly what I wanted. I could not have been more pleased and would not change a single thing. Thank you Becky."

- E.V. 

"When a friend casually mentioned my husband and I look into having a doula at the birth of our first child, I was skeptical. I was extremely nervous about the entire birthing process. When I first called Becky at around 16 weeks pregnant to talk about her services, I instantly felt a strong connection. She was kind, comforting and knew exactly how to make me feel at ease. I knew she was the one and I needed to have her with us during the birth of our son. At around 30 weeks pregnant, we met with Becky and she instantly made us feel like family. Fast forward to 40 weeks pregnant, I was overdue and getting extremely anxious. I called Becky and she immediately made me feel like I was in control of the situation and everything was going to happen like it should. When I did go into labor, Becky was there to answer the call at 3:00 am. She gave us tips and advise about when to head to the hospital. Once we all arrived at the hospital, I cannot begin to explain how comforting Becky was to have there with us. During the 30 hour labor, Becky was my advocate, loudest cheerleader and greatest encourager. Not to mention, she kept my husband calm and let him get some rest so he could be a helpful participant during labor. During labor, I remember hearing the excitement and joy Becky expressed when talking about her career as a doula. As labor progressed and our little guy’s head was starting to become visible, Becky’s excitement was audible during the counting. I was skeptical when the doctor was saying how close we were but I kept pushing. Becky’s excitement and smile made me realize that our little guy was almost here which helped me to make it through my toughest moments.
I could not imagine not having Becky with us through the most challenging yet rewarding experience of our lives - she was a rockstar beyond measure! If you are considering a doula, I promise you, Becky is the ONE to have!"

"Becky was our doula for the birth of our first baby two years ago and we were fortunate enough to have her attend the birth of our second several months ago.  I say "we" and "our" rather than "I" and "my"  because Becky supports the family, not just the mother in labor: she has an excellent ability to understand who is in need at any given time and where she can be helpful.  I have been impressed both times with Becky's remarkable ability to step in when her help would be valuable and fade back during quiet moments.  Initially I had been concerned having another person present at the delivery would feel complicating and intrusive, but Becky complemented every moment perfectly and blended in seamlessly.  Her warmth and empathy made her feel like an old friend, and we were grateful to have her with us.  Throughout the pregnancy, labor, and post-partum, Becky was constantly available by phone, text or email and was a wealth of information.  I highly recommend Becky to anyone considering a doula.  If we have a third, we hope she'll be there again!"

- J.D.

- M.L