Virtual Support Services

At Maryland Birth Services, LLC, doula support can be given and received in variety of ways. 

Virtual support combines several different mediums to support our clients from afar. With planned times to meet, a custom birth plan, virtual support during each phase and step of labor, and postpartum support- we are able to tailor what you need and how you receive it. 

Some of the ways are: meetings through phone, FaceTime or Skype, Zoom or other conferencing types of calls, text support, email support and in person support when/if able. 

Whether you are near or far, virtual support allows our commitment, knowledge and experience to be with you every step of the way so that you receive the help and support you need, as you best need it. 

  • Two prenatal meetings via phone or video chat to discuss birth goals, personal comfort measures, coping skills and relaxation techniques

  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy

  • A custom birth plan/preference sheet that is unique to your needs

  • Continuous labor support via phone, text, video chat and/or all 3

  • Two virtual postpartum follow up visit within the first week of being home, or eight in person postpartum hours to be used within first year of babies birth

Virtual Package Includes: 

Virtual Package fee: $900

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